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What Does Supermulti Dvd Burner Mean?

A supermulti DVD burner is a DVD burner that can burn multiple DVD formats. This means that it can burn DVDs in the DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW formats. It can also burn CDs in the CD-R and CD-RW formats.

This makes it a very versatile DVD burner.

A supermulti DVD burner is a type of DVD burner that can read and write to multiple types of DVDs. This includes both standard DVDs and DVD-RWs. It is also compatible with most CD-ROMs and CD-RWs.

what does supermulti dvd burner mean?


What is Supermulti DVD?

Supermulti DVD is an optical disc technology developed by LG and Matsushita that allows DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, and DVD+R DL discs to be read and written on a single drive. The technology was first introduced in 2004 and has since been adopted by a number of manufacturers. Supermulti DVD drives are available in both internal and external form factors and are compatible with a wide range of computer systems.

They offer users a convenient way to store and share data, as well as the ability to play back DVD movies. While the majority of Supermulti DVD drives are manufactured by LG and Matsushita, there are a number of other companies that offer the technology, including Pioneer, Samsung, and Sony.

What is Super Multi DVD burner?

A super multi DVD burner is a type of DVD burner that can read and write to multiple DVD formats. These burners are also sometimes referred to as multi-format DVD burners or multi-drive DVD burners. Super multi DVD burners are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are using DVD drives for more than just watching movies.

These days, DVD drives are commonly used for storing and backing up data, as well as for burning music CDs and creating video DVDs. While most DVD burners on the market today are super multi DVD burners, there are still a few single-format DVD burners out there. If you’re not sure what type of DVD burner you have, chances are it’s a super multi DVD burner.

Super multi DVD burners typically have a higher price tag than single-format DVD burners, but they offer a lot more flexibility and compatibility.

How can I tell if my DVD burner is dual layer?

If you’re unsure whether or not your DVD burner is dual layer, there are a few ways to check. First, you can look at the model number of your DVD burner. If it ends in “-DL,” “-DR,” or “-D,” it’s most likely a dual layer burner.

Another way to check is to look at the specs of your DVD burner. Most dual layer DVD burners have a maximum DVD burning speed of 8x. You can also check the instructions manual that came with your DVD burner.

Dual layer DVD burners will usually have instructions on how to burn dual layer DVDs. If you still can’t tell if your DVD burner is dual layer, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer directly and ask.

Which DVD burner is the best?

There are many factors to consider when determining which DVD burner is the best. Some of the most important factors include: -The quality of the burns.

-The compatibility of the burner with the computer. -The price. -The reviews.

When it comes to the quality of the burns, the best DVD burners will be able to produce high-quality burns without any errors. The compatibility of the burner with the computer is also important. Some burners are only compatible with certain types of computers, so it is important to check this before purchasing a burner.

The price is also a factor to consider. Some burners are more expensive than others, but the price should not be the only factor considered. The reviews of the burner are also important.

Checking online reviews can give you an idea of how well the burner performs and if there are any common problems with it.

Using a Portable CD/DVD Drive in 2019

Dvd player for laptop

A DVD player for a laptop is a great way to watch movies and TV shows while on the go. There are many different types and brands of DVD players available, so it is important to do some research to find the one that best suits your needs. Most DVD players for laptops are very lightweight and portable, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.

They typically come with a USB cord that can be plugged into any computer with a USB port. Some DVD players also come with an AC adapter, so you can use them while plugged into the wall. Most DVD players will play both DVDs and CDs, so you can use them to listen to music as well as watch movies.

Some DVD players also have built-in speakers, so you can watch movies without headphones. When choosing a DVD player for your laptop, be sure to consider how you will be using it.


A DVD-R is a type of optical disc that can be written to once and then read from multiple times. It is a popular format for storing data, especially video and audio files. DVDs are widely used in computers, DVD players, and other electronic devices.

The DVD-R format was developed by the DVD Forum, a group of companies that produce DVDs and other optical storage devices. The DVD-R format is based on the DVD-ROM format, which is used for read-only DVDs. DVD-Rs can be played in most DVD players and computer DVD drives.

DVD-Rs are available in two different sizes: 4.7 GB and 8.5 GB. The 4.7 GB size is the most common and can hold up to 2 hours of video or 4.7 GB of data. The 8.5 GB size can hold up to 8 hours of video or 8.5 GB of data.


Supermulti DVD burners are a type of disc drive that can read and write to multiple DVD and CD formats. They are also backward compatible with older DVD and CD formats. Most DVD and Blu-ray players can read and write to the DVD-R, DVD+R, and CD-R formats, but not all of them can read and write to the DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and CD-RW formats.

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