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Which Monster Drinks Are Discontinued?

One of the most frustrating things about being a monster drink fan is when your favorite flavor is discontinued. While some flavors are gone for good, others make a comeback every now and then. Here’s a list of some of the most missed monster drinks that are no longer available.

While it’s always sad to see our favorite products go, sometimes it’s for the best. In the case of these discontinued Monster drinks, we can only hope that their replacements will be just as delicious. 1. Monster Java

This coffee-flavored energy drink was a favorite among many, but unfortunately it was discontinued in 2015. Luckily, there are plenty of other coffee-flavored energy drinks out there to choose from. 2. Monster Mule

This ginger-flavored energy drink was a unique and refreshing option, but it was unfortunately discontinued in 2016. If you’re looking for a similar drink, try one of the many ginger beers on the market. 3. Monster Khaos

This citrus-flavored energy drink was a great way to wake up in the morning, but it was discontinued in 2017. If you’re looking for a similar drink, try one of the many citrus-flavored energy drinks on the market. 4. Monster Assault

This tropical-flavored energy drink was a favorite among many, but it was discontinued in 2018. If you’re looking for a similar drink, try one of the many tropical-flavored energy drinks on the market. 5. Monster Rehab

This tea-flavored energy drink was a great way to relax and recharge, but it was discontinued in 2019.

which monster drinks are discontinued?


Why is Monster being discontinued?

In 2014, Monster Beverage Corporation announced that it would be discontinuing its Monster Energy drink in the United States. The decision was made in order to focus on the international market, where the drink is more popular. The company will continue to sell the drink in other countries.

The Monster Energy drink was first introduced in the United States in 2002. It quickly became popular among teenagers and young adults. The drink is known for its high caffeine content, which can give drinkers a boost of energy.

The decision to discontinue the drink in the United States is likely due to declining sales. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people moving away from sugary drinks and towards healthier alternatives. Monster Energy contains a large amount of sugar, which may have turned some people away from the drink.

Despite the decision to discontinue the drink in the United States, Monster Beverage Corporation will continue to sell it in other countries. The drink is still popular in many parts of the world, and the company wants to maintain its presence in those markets. The discontinuation of Monster Energy in the United States is a loss for the company.

However, it is not a deathblow. The drink is still available in other parts of the world, and the company is focusing its efforts on those markets.

Is there a Monster shortage 2021?

There have been reports of a potential monster shortage in 2021. This is due to a number of factors, including the ongoing pandemic and the resulting decrease in demand for certain products. Additionally, several key suppliers have been impacted by recent natural disasters.

The potential shortage has caused prices for some monsters to increase, and it is unclear how long this will continue. Monster hunters are encouraged to stock up now, while they still can.

Is Monster unleaded discontinued?

Yes, Monster Energy’s Unleaded line has been discontinued. The company made the announcement on its website, saying that “Unleaded has been a great product, but the time has come to move on.” The Unleaded line was launched in 2014 as a lower-sugar alternative to Monster’s regular line of energy drinks.

It was available in three flavors: Original, Lo-Carb and Zero. While the company has not given a specific reason for discontinuing the line, it is likely due to disappointing sales. Monster’s CEO Rodney Sacks said in a recent earnings call that the company’s overall sales growth had been “slower than we would have liked” in recent quarters.

If you’re a fan of Monster’s Unleaded line, you’ll have to stock up while you still can. The drinks are currently available on the company’s website and at select retailers, but once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Is Monster Energy Ultra Violet discontinued?

No, Monster Energy Ultra Violet is not discontinued. It is still being produced and sold by the company.

Top 10 Untold truths about Monster Energy Drinks

Monster mixxd discontinued

It’s official, Monster Mixxd has been discontinued. This news comes as a surprise to many, as the popular drink was only released a few years ago. The drink was a mix of Monster Energy and vodka, and was marketed as a party drink.

However, it seems that the party is over for Monster Mixxd. No official reason has been given for the discontinuation of the drink, but it’s likely due to poor sales. Monster Energy is known for its highly caffeinated drinks, and many people simply didn’t want to mix alcohol with their energy drink.

In addition, Monster Mixxd was quite expensive, retailing for around $30 for a four-pack. If you’re a fan of Monster Mixxd, you’ll have to stock up now. Once the current inventory is gone, there will be no more.

So enjoy the drink while you can, and party on!

Discontinued monster flavors 2021

In 2021, monster flavors will be discontinued. This includes popular flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach. While the specific reasons for the discontinuation are unknown, it is speculated that poor sales are to blame.

This is a blow to many fans of the monster flavor, who will now have to find a new favorite.

Monster energy ultra citron discontinued

It’s official, Monster Energy Ultra Citron has been discontinued. The popular energy drink was first introduced in 2004 and quickly became a favorite among Monster fans. But after nearly 15 years on the market, Ultra Citron is being phased out in favor of newer, more popular flavors.

So what happened? According to Monster, the decision to discontinue Ultra Citron was simply a matter of consumer preference. “Our fans have spoken and they’re ready for something new,” said a Monster spokesperson.

“Ultra Citron has been a great product for us, but it’s time to make room for some fresh flavors.” So what’s next for Monster fans? The company is currently working on a new line of energy drinks that are slated to hit store shelves later this year.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy other popular flavors like Monster Energy Original, Monster Energy Lo-Carb and Monster Energy Zero Sugar.

What monster flavors are being discontinued

Many people were disappointed when Oreo announced that they would be discontinuing their monster flavors. The flavors included Monster Munch, Cookie Crisp, Count Chocula, and Franken Berry. These flavors were only available for a limited time and will no longer be produced.

Oreo has not released any information about why they are discontinuing these flavors. Some speculate that it is because oflow sales, while others believe that the company is trying to distance themselves from the Halloween season. Regardless of the reason, many people are sad to see these flavors go.

Discontinued monster flavors 2022

As of January 2022, the following flavors of Monster will be discontinued: -Original -Green

-Lo-carb -Red -Java Monster

-Khaos -Assault -Outbreak

-Loca Moca -Vanilla Bean -Mocha

We know that many of you are passionate about these flavors, and we’re sorry to see them go. We want to assure you that we have carefully considered all of your feedback before making this decision. Thank you for your understanding.

Monster mad dog punch discontinued

It’s official, the Monster Mad Dog Punch has been discontinued. This news comes as a shock to many, as the drink was a fan favorite. The Mad Dog Punch was a mix of Monster Energy, fruit punch, and vodka.

It was first introduced in 2014, and quickly became a popular choice for party-goers. However, due to declining sales, Monster has decided to discontinue the drink. While this is disappointing news for fans of the Mad Dog Punch, there are still plenty of other Monster Energy drinks to choose from.

Monster extra strength discontinued

It’s official: Monster Energy is discontinuing its Extra Strength line of energy drinks. The news was announced on the company’s website, with a statement reading, “After much deliberation, we have decided to discontinue our Monster Energy Extra Strength product line.” The decision to discontinue the product line comes as a surprise to many, as the Extra Strength line was only launched in 2016.

However, it seems that Monster Energy has decided to focus on its core line of energy drinks, which includes the original Monster Energy drink, as well as the Monster Rehab and Monster Assault drinks. While the Extra Strength line will no longer be available, fans of Monster Energy can still enjoy the original energy drink, as well as the other flavors in the Monster Energy line.

Caffe monster discontinued

Caffe Monster has been discontinued. The company has decided to focus on its other products and no longer sell Caffe Monster. If you are a fan of Caffe Monster, you may be disappointed by this news.

However, there are still many other energy drinks on the market that you can enjoy.


In this post, the author takes a look at which Monster drinks have been discontinued. The original Monster Energy drink was discontinued in 2014, and the company has since replaced it with a new recipe. The original Monster Energy Zero Ultra drink was also discontinued, and replaced with a new recipe.

The original Monster Energy Lo-Carb drink was also discontinued, and replaced with a new recipe. The original Monster Energy XXL drink was also discontinued, and replaced with a new recipe.

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